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Demodesk, Flexperto, or Bridge: What's the Best Inside Sales Software for Insurance Companies?

Demodesk, Flexperto, or Bridge: What's the Best Inside Sales Software for Insurance Companies?
Sarah Wisbey
August 28, 2023

In the digital era, insurance companies aren't just competing on policy details or premiums — the battleground extends to their online consultation experience.

With the shift from face-to-face meetings to online consultations, having the right tool is not just beneficial. It's essential.

Enter our contenders: Flexperto, Bridge, and Demodesk. But which one is truly the best inside sales software for insurance companies?

Traditional Tools Don't Cut It

The majority of SaaS platforms that insurance companies use for consultations aren’t specialized for the specific needs of insurers.

General solutions like Zoom have various limitations, such as a lack of interactive features and minimal integrations.

Effective inside sales software allows you to standardize best practices to provide customers with an outstanding experience that makes it impossible to say no to your pitch.

If your potential customers feel heard during the consultation, they’re more likely to trust and follow the guidance they receive.

The ROI on Specialized Inside Sales Software

Using inside sales software for digital consultations enables sales teams to improve their geographical reach and meet with more clients in a shorter span of time.

This saves businesses both time and money, making the sales experience more flexible for clients and sales teams.

Inside sales software is an investment that keeps on giving for many other reasons:

Shortens the Sales Cycle

Having a video chat with a client and walking them through the product in real time results in shorter sales cycles. And clients are more likely to sign contracts faster.

A personalized consultation communicates the product's value, immediately addresses customer concerns, and allows the sales team to customize policies.

This eliminates unnecessary back and forth and helps you streamline the sales cycle.

Improves Conversion Rates

Investing in comprehensive customer communication in the lead-up to a sale equates to better conversion rates.

The close rate of a live demo is between 20% and 50% on average, which is way more effective than the 4% average conversion rate on Google Ads.

When you run a live consultation call with prospective clients, you’re more likely to build customer trust and loyalty, leading to repeat customers and a higher lifetime value.

The acquisition cost for a customized demo may be higher, but closing customers who will bring you long-term business is much more economically valuable.

Improves Show Rates

Attending a virtual meeting is much less of a commitment than when you schedule appointments in person.

This means you can schedule more sales calls, and increase your chances of closing more deals in a shorter time frame.

Enhances Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Insurance consultations in the digital world enable consultants to share meeting recordings with clients so that they can refer back to the important details of the meeting afterward.

When you use online consulting software, clients can easily access important information and find answers to their most pressing questions long after the meeting is over.

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Breaking Down the Contenders: Flexperto, Bridge, and Demodesk

There are three main contenders on the market for inside sales software with features specialized for insurance consultations.

Let’s examine the pros and cons of these three options.




The platform calls itself a “modular solution for building customer journeys.” The tool offers complete customer communication with appointments, video chats, messaging, and e-signature, all available in a single platform.


  • Flexible integrations are one of Flexperto’s key selling points, making it easy to use alongside a third-party tool.
  • The simple user interface and flexible integrations simplify personalizing the features you use with the tool, and you can white-label the solution for your brand.
  • One of the biggest focuses of Flexperto is security and privacy, which make it 100% compliant with the insurance industry.
  • The tool is intuitive for your sales project management as you can go from scheduling appointments to demos and contract signing.


  • While Flexperto prides itself on its flexible integrations, it lacks deep integrations into business suite software (e.g., calendar + email integration, Google Slides/Powerpoint viewer, automatic slide customization with Google Drive, etc.). These key missing features are important for customizing meetings and maximizing the sales teams’ chances of closing a deal.
  • There are no options to view documents or add sales scripts and playbooks to your meetings to support the agents in real time.
  • Analytics features are limited. Tracking which strategy and messaging works best to close deals requires more manual work.




When comparing Bridge vs. Flexperto, Bridge's main standout feature is the platform's modular nature, which consultants can use to plan and control the whole sales process.

You can use the tool like a classic CRM to store your contacts and transfer their information to digital customer files.


  • Bridge is a sales cloud-based system that allows you to store all customer data in one place to give a 360 overview of your customers.
  • Bridge offers maximum security and complete transparency so customers and consultants know where their data is stored.
  • Bridge captures data during calls and stores it in the customer’s digital file. During consultations, you can automate data collection about the client’s interactions, such as clicks and swipes.
  • You can connect an external CRM system with Bridge to store the information it captures in the customer file.


  • The critical downside of Bridge is its limitations in syncing data from consultations with external CRM systems. Transferring data from Bridge to other platforms in your tech stack can be time-consuming and confusing.
  • Bridge has limited automated features, leaving space for more manual work and human error when using the tool — a risk not worth taking when selling insurance.




Demodesk allows you to instantly schedule consultations, create a frictionless meeting experience, provide consultants with real-time guidance during video calls, and use analytics to gain valuable insights into what is and isn’t working.

With a branded virtual salesroom, the most interactive screen-sharing experience on the market, and integrated playbooks, Demodesk provides you with everything you need in order to deliver engaging presentations and compelling consultations.


  • Demodesk provides structure and support to online consultations with the help of interactive playbooks and speaker notes to assist with talking points. The playbooks are easy to update and share across your team as they are embedded in the platform and integrated with Google slides.
  • Demodesk is GDPR-compliant and uses a GDPR-compliant consent request flow for automatic recordings that ensures reps don’t forget this task.
  • Call shadowing allows you to provide support in real time and jump in when consultants need support. This helps reduce performance gaps and enhance your team’s performance.
  • Demodesk’s advanced plug-and-play integrations with external CRM systems like Salesforce and Hubspot enable you to seamlessly transfer information during live calls.
  • Demodesk has conversation intelligence tool functionalities and also provides analytics to help you keep track of your team’s performance.
  • An insights dashboard gives you an overview of what works well in your demo meetings while recommending areas for improvement.


  • There’s no freemium or basic plan for Demodesk Meet, so you’ll need a subscription to use the SaaS platform.

Demodesk Is the Best Inside Sales Software for Insurance Professionals

Demodesk is secure and intuitive, boasts features the other two tools don’t have, and empowers your team to focus on what they’re best at — relationship building. Its advanced integrations, real-time sales rep support, and analytics providing actionable insights make it a clear winner for insurance professionals.

With Demodesk, you can:

Coach Agents

  • The faster new consultants are able to get up to speed, the faster they can start being productive.
  • Demodesk’s playbooks provide structure to calls, speaker notes to assist agents with talking points and call shadowing to provide support in real-time and jump in when the consulting agents need support.
  • Bridge and Flexperto don’t offer real-time coaching integrations to quickly get your new hires up to speed.

Scale Processes

  • When it comes to scaling a successful sales process, there are a lot of factors to consider. You don’t want to scale a process that isn’t effective and requires a lot of manual work.
  • CRM integrations, automated scheduling, routing, and data entry mean you do less work on time-consuming admin tasks.
  • Your consultants can focus on revenue-generating tasks, such as giving customers a great consulting experience.
  • Bridge and Flexperto don’t offer seamless CRM integrations, meaning you still need to spend a lot of time on manual tasks.

Analyze Performance

  • Advanced analytics give you visibility into why top sales reps are successful and help you understand what converts. This allows you to standardize processes and focus your efforts on coaching reps at scale so they can close leads faster.
  • Call recording and meeting insights give you the data you need to provide reps with specific and valuable feedback to help them improve performance.
  • You can bookmark meeting recordings on your dashboard so reps can refer back to them and uncover growth opportunities.
  • Flexperto and Bridge don’t offer such comprehensive analysis tools to help the development and growth of your team.

An Inside Sales Software Tool You Can Rely On

In the fast-paced world of insurance, using online consulting software that complements the intricate nuances of the sales process is pivotal.

You want a tool that you can rely on to be secure, efficient, and integrate seamlessly with your workflow?

While Flexperto and Bridge bring value to the table, Demodesk is in a league of its own.

Dive into Demodesk to redefine your insurance consultation game.

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