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11 Sales Forecasting Software for Revenue Leaders

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Accurate forecasting is one of the most important — and challenging— aspects of running a sales team. There are many methods to forecasting sales and the time spent compiling these projections can often be overwhelming and tedious. However, automating the process can help create a more organized, thorough, and smoother system — leading to better …

How to Build a Sales Forecasting Plan (+ Template)

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Sales forecasting is a critical component to a sales team’s success, yet many organizations don’t have a structured plan. In fact, a recent report found that 67% of sales organizations do not use formal forecasting plans. Why should forecasting be a focus for sales leaders? Creating a sales forecasting plan for your team can lead …

6 Proven Sales Forecasting Methods to Drive Revenue

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An established internal framework is a backbone to a successful sales organization. This includes an organized onboarding process, consistent coaching, and ongoing training. However, the importance of sales forecasting is not to be overlooked. What is forecasting exactly? Sales forecasting is a way to estimate the expected revenue within a certain period of time. Sales …

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