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Your Sales Discovery Playbook for Winning Product Demos

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  Before you can move ahead with a winning product demo, your prospect and you need one more meeting to get to know each other. This critical step is called Sales Discovery. You’ve worked hard to prospect and qualify your leads. Your sales instinct is to jump right to the product demo and close the …

What makes a great SaaS Product Demo? 10 best practices from the brightest sales leaders

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The product demo makes or breaks the deal for a SaaS company. If done right, it makes your prospect understand how your software will solve their problem or attain their goal. Mastering the demo for sure is not an easy task. Too often, demos are a mere rundown of features without tailoring the pitch to …

What is a Product Demo and Why is it important in B2B SaaS?

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The product demo, or sales demo, is the most critical piece in the sales process of a B2B SaaS company. It’s the unique opportunity to demonstrate the value of your product to a prospective customer. Product demos are central to any software sales process. Poorly executed demos significantly slow down close rates. On the other …

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