Online Meetings

How to Automate Scheduling of Meetings with Demodesk

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Demodesk offers a powerful scheduling automation suite to help you automate all the manual, repetitive tasks of scheduling meetings. What time works? Which Account Executive should I assign? Which information should I include in the meeting invite? Are meetings equally distributed across the team? What’s the no-show rate? Scheduling of online meetings is still one …

Web-based Screen Sharing with Demodesk

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Web-based Screen Sharing allows users to join a meeting directly from their browser – without the hassle of downloading an application. Demodesk developed the first entirely web-based Screen Sharing application. No downloads or extensions are required for anyone. Host and participants can join by just clicking a link with any device, browser and firewall. And, …

Product Update: Firewall Backup

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Which screen sharing software are you using? I am sure it doesn’t work with our corporate firewall. Does that sound familiar to you? Well, it doesn’t have to: Demodesk is the only screen sharing and conferencing tool that works even with very restrictive firewalls. Thanks to our brand new firewall backup. Firewalls are important to …

Product Update: Customize Resolution

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What is unique to Demodesk is that you never share your local desktop screen but we provide you with your very own, secure, cloud-based virtual desktop instead. On this virtual desktop, you can share websites, web apps, documents, or videos right from your browser tab. Since it is not your local desktop that you are sharing, …

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