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The New Normal of B2B SaaS Sales: Interview w/ Oliver Manojlovic

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There is no business that is exempt from the impact that COVID-19 has had on the world. Some more than others. Many sales professionals in B2B SaaS sales are feeling this pressure as the economy shifts due to the changes it has induced. B2B SaaS sales may have it a bit easier, already being focused …

How to Negotiate: The Top 5 Sales Negotiation Strategies

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As salespeople, we know that our leads are looking for the best deal along with the best quality product. However, you can’t just give your product away for nothing. That is why knowing how to negotiate is so important. In your product demo, you probably gave your prospect a brief look into the pricing options. …

How to Transition Your Inside Sales Team to Work From Home

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Working from home is becoming the new normal for many in 2020. Why not your inside sales team? There are several benefits that come with remote work, like lower overhead for the company and higher employee productivity. As an inside sales team, you already interact with prospects remotely, so working from home will most likely …

Best Inside Sales Management Tools for B2B SaaS

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Behind every great sales organization is a smart tech stack. Did you know nine out of 10 companies use at least two lead enrichment tools for prospecting, while Sales Development Reps employ between 5 and 6 tools to up their game? It’s no secret that inside sales management tools can make life easier and give …

Building a High-Performing Inside Sales Team

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It is a great feeling when your company grows and you reach a point where you need to add more salespeople to your team. More sales means more revenue, which is what you have been working so hard to achieve. So, who do you hire first? What’s the difference between an AE and an SDR? …

Sales Process Optimization for Working Remotely

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As a B2B salesperson, you probably have a unique selling style and your own methodology that you’ve developed over time. You’re flexible, used to thinking on your feet, and you thrive on finding ways to make connections, solve your prospect’s pain points and close that sale. Now that you are working from home, you are probably …

3 Unique Inside Sales Tips From A Startup Founder’s Perspective

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I spent the first three years of my post-graduate life as an inside salesperson at the company I founded, PubLoft. At the time, everything revolved around one goal. This goal was to get customers and grow revenue. I never had a true sales role before that so I relied on my gut to tell me …

Outside vs Inside Sales: How to Scale a Sales Organization

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Let’s roleplay for a moment. Let’s say you’re a brand new sales manager at a startup and your first task is to build out a sales team. The same questions might pop into your head that pops into so many others; What type of sales team should you build? How much should it cost? Which …

10 Sales Prospecting Tools to Crush it in 2019

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Prospecting just doesn’t work. Does this sound familiar to you? Many salespeople despise prospecting. But the truth is that what they hate is not, in fact, the interactions, but cold outreaches. But in the end, prospecting is all about creating a relationship. Unfortunately, most sales reps use ineffective or outdated sales prospecting tools and techniques, …

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