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How Building Radar Uses Demodesk as Customer Onboarding Software

Information Technology & Services
Founded in 2015
50-200 employees
HQ in Munich, Germany
How Building Radar Uses Demodesk as Customer Onboarding Software

Building Radar provides high-quality lead data services for the construction industry to help customers spot the most valuable business opportunities. Demodesk played a key role in making the onboarding process more efficient and sustainable. Building Radar uses Demodesk’s collaborative Screen Sharing platform as Customer Onboarding software. With Demodesk, customers can be onboarded directly in their own account and collaboratively work with the Customer Success manager as if they were sitting next to each other. Building Radar was able to increase retention rates by 17% when using Demodesk.

Building Radar

Building Radar digitizes sales lead data services in the construction industry

Building Radar’s vision is to “be the first to know about every activity in the construction industry”. Their software helps companies in the construction industry make B2B sales within the construction industry more efficient by spotting the most valuable business opportunities at the earliest possible time. With their proprietary AI-based technology, Building Radar is able to detect new construction projects worldwide, months earlier than with manual research, and years before actual construction starts. Since Building Radar holds information on the people involved in the construction site, customers can get in contact with decision-makers earlier than their competitors.

Building Radar Founders: Paul Indinger, Leopold Neuerburg, Raoul Friedrich

Founded in 2015 in Munich, Building Radar has grown its customer base to 150+ clients and its team to 37 people from over 13 nations. Operating globally, Building Radar has already initiated more than €100Mio in sales. Building Radar’s customers reach from manufacturers of basement partition systems to manufacturers of office furniture, lighting, air conditioning, and many more – basically anything that is related to construction. Just as Demodesk, Building Radar helps customers to focus on what they can do best – spending time with their customers and getting rid of manual work and administrative processes.

Building Radar product offering

Since Building Radar addresses many different customer groups within the construction industry, its software is highly customizable. That requires personalized customer onboarding sessions and user training where different features are emphasized depending on the customer’s specific needs.

Challenge 1: Unpersonalized, non-interactive onboarding with low retention

In the process of finding the best Customer Onboarding software for their needs, the Customer Success team at Building Radar tried many other Screen Sharing tools. Building Radar’s offers multi-facetted, complex software which requires personalized and interactive onboardings. However, common Screen Sharing does not allow to easily switch between different users taking overactivity – only one person at a time that is able to have mouse control. Such tools give you hard times when aiming for personalization, interactivity, and professionalism at the same time. Additionally, Building Radar onboarded customers using videos explaining the platform’s features. For a fast-growing platform like Building Radar, it was expensive and time-consuming to continuously keep the videos up-to-date.

Building Radar soon realized that the onboarding process was insufficient for the sophisticated platform. The learning effect of the onboarding process was very limited and enterprise customers could not be properly onboarded. Their specific needs and questions were not taken into account sufficiently enough.

Laurenz Kalthoff,Head of Customer Success @ Building Radar
"Since we started using Demodesk for our onboarding process, we have seen customer retention rates increasing by about 20% and usage intensity by about 17%. With Demodesk, all my customers can instantly join the meeting with any browser and device - a lot of them are still using older versions of Internet Explorer. Then I can easily share mouse control to engage them in the conferencing session and instantly work together with them - in their own account. That was a real game-changer for us."

Laurenz Kalthoff,Head of Customer Success @ Building Radar

By introducing Demodesk as their Customer Onboarding software, Building Radar was able to substantially increase onboarding effectiveness – especially for enterprise customers with very specific needs. Customers can directly engage with the product and learn more easily and sustainably compared to just watching the Customer Success Manager demonstrate the software. By engaging with the platform during the meeting, customers are able to detect uncertainties and open questions, and clarify them right away with their Account Manager.

Demodesk enables this high degree of interactivity with its disruptive collaborative screen-sharing technology. Through instant control sharing, customers are able to collaboratively explore the platform with the Account Manager. Account Managers don’t need to completely relinquish control. Multiple mouse cursors allow to scroll, click and edit together and resolve issues together remotely. Seeing customers interacting with the software, also helped Building Radar to detect usability issues without conducting effortful in-person user testings.

Challenge 2: Risk of revealing sensitive information during a customer onboarding session

During an online meeting with a customer, it’s often crucial to view supporting information in Salesforce or to take additional notes for documentation. Since common Screen Sharing tools function as their name implies, all these details are shared with the customer as well. Even worse, customers could as well see your messy desktop or embarrassing notifications like your colleague’s Slack message. Whatever they did and saw – their customers would see it as well.

“With Demodesk, we were finally able to solve the Screen Sharing pain of unintentionally revealing sensitive information. Now, I decide what information I want my customer to see – and what content should remain invisible to him.” – Laurenz Kalthoff

Demodesk solves those issues by providing a virtual display on which the meeting host can share websites, apps, slides, or documents. The virtual display works as a "third screen" that's being shared between Building Radar’s Account Manager and the customer(s). It runs entirely separate from the local desktop – no need to prepare the desktop, turn off Slack notifications, or hide Salesforce notes. Building Radar’s Account Managers are able to look at sensitive customer or competitor data while being in a product demo or an interactive customer onboarding meeting. On top of that, Demodesk also allows you to share your local desktop if required and further provides beautifully integrated HD video conferencing.

Demodesk enables frictionless, 100% web-based Screen Sharing and conferencing with no downloads or plugins required. Customers can instantly join with any browser and device and without facing firewall issues. With Demodesk, Building Radar hosts professional online meetings with their customers and significantly increased customer loyalty and retention.

Result: With Demodesk's Customer Onboarding software, Building Radar is able to boost customer retention and work with their customers like they’re together.

Building Radar retention increased by 20% with Demodesk

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Establish trust and increase customer retention with interactive screen sharing

Key Results

- Increased customer retention rates by ~21% with interactive customer meetings - Increased product usage by ~17% by enabling customers to instantly speak with a rep - Increased data security with the virtual screen and hidden note-taking

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