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Case Study: How Die Pferde App Uses Demodesk to Increase Customer Success During Corona

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Die Pferde App is a German company that deals with the digitalization of equestrian sports. Typically, they are a business that works with offline customers and horse owners to facilitate equestrian sports and training. The app helps make their customer’s daily activities easier including task management, event bookings, planning, and coordination. Normally, Die Pferde App …

Case Study: How Uses Demodesk to Decrease Churn Rate by 40%

Highlight image for blog post preview is a SaaS application that helps business owners maximize their conversions through the use of social proof, with tools such as testimonials, conversion notifications, reviews, star ratings, and many others. Demodesk played a key part in onboarding and activating new users, as well as helping out existing users that need customer support. Thanks to …

Case Study: How Building Radar Uses Demodesk as Customer Onboarding Software

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Building Radar provides high-quality lead data services for the construction industry to help customers spot the most valuable business opportunities. Demodesk played a key role in making the onboarding process more efficient and sustainable. Building Radar uses Demodesk’s collaborative Screen Sharing platform as Customer Onboarding software. With Demodesk, customers can be onboarded directly in their …

Case Study: How FreightHub Uses Demodesk to Scale Inside Sales

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FreightHub is “Building the Backbone of Global Trade” and transforming the freight forwarding business with an intuitive platform to book, manage and analyze global transports easily. Demodesk helped FreightHub’s Inside Sales team to increase productivity by 10%. The team was able to completely automate cross-team scheduling, improve local attribution of leads to decentralized sales teams, …

Case Study: How Personio Increases Sales Demo Conversion with Demodesk

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Personio is a fast-growing HR software company that recently raised their Series B with Index Ventures. Demodesk has played an essential role in Personio’s hyper growth. Personio’s sales team is relying on Demodesk for scheduling and holding all their product demos. By using Demodesk’s Scheduling and Screen Sharing suite, the team was able to increases …

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